I’ve been a wee bit quiet!

I know, I know! But don’t think for even a second I’ve been slacking. Last week my boyfriend finally had his surprise birthday party I’ve been planning for over a month. So needless to say I was preoccupied with that over blogging.

However, I’m back and kicking.
(No seriously. I had Zumba tonight, so I kicked a LOT.)

My eating is getting a little out of control but now that I’m back and getting in the swing of logging my meals again I think I’ll be fine. Zumba tonight was SOhard. There were so many times I wanted to walk to the side and catch my breath, or sit out for a song – but I didn’t. I stuck it out and whooped some rump. Plus, I mean, right when I was about to give up Wop by J. Dash feat. Flo Rida came on. Which, if you didn’t know, is my J-A-M.

I learned I need to bring more water and a bigger sweat rag.

In regards to my feminine health I’ve got a brewing issue (when they’re so frequent I now realize when something is coming on), so I’m trying every preventative measure I can to ward it off. I was feeling a bit fuzzy prior to Zumba, but I went and besides the muscle aches I do feel more energized and excited to go for my second class Saturday!


I’m going to have to beat my line of suitors away with a stick – I know. These pictures give ZERO justice to the amount if sweat pouring off me. My hair in the second picture is wringing wet.

All in all, I’m a believer in Zumba! If you are curious about trying it I would definitely give it a shot. I felt no judgement from anyone (even if I was one of the biggest girls in the room) and I shook my rump just as hard as the others. It’s a good way to incorporate fun into a workout! ( Helpful Hint: Bring a sweat rag, a bottle of water, and know you WILL mess a few moves up – but you’ll get it. )

I’m off to eat a half portion of smart ones southwestern rice and half of a smart ones panini.

What is your go-to exercise if you’re wanting to have fun while shreading some pounds?

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Grocery buys.

So, I stopped by my local grocery store yesterday evening with a few items in mind as to what I wanted to eat until Thursday. ( Payday!)


Cereal. Yogurt. (Which, the active/live cultures in this are AMAZING to eat if experiencing any “lady issue.”) Strawberries. Bananas. A peach. Spaghetti squash. String cheese. Apples. Some soup, and some tomato sauce. Not the best choices as far as super clean eating but all my choices are healthy options and will keep me in my calorie count.

I’d love it if y’all would comment with some clean eating grocery staples you always include to your cart on shopping day!

– A.

Every story has a beginning…

This journey, as one can guess, has had many beginnings. I’ve always tried to eat better, exercise more, go harder – ultimately failing.

I can remember when I was younger how cruel the other kids could be as back then I was more so just slightly overweight.

Fatty!” They’d say.

Fatso!” They’d tease.

Or they would giggle and stare as  I couldn’t run as fast as them in gym, or I couldn’t squeeze behind a certain chair like they could.

The worst was when we grew up and realized we could cuss and get away with it – then it turned to “fatass.”

Everyone has issues, I know this, mine just happened to be on the outside for everyone to see. To poke, to judge, to demean as if this somehow made me less than they were. Yet despite all the taunting and name calling, I somehow made it out  alive and with some shred of self-confidence and a wicked sense of humor. I think that’s part of the problem – I don’t hate my current body. There are curves and rolls and cellulite and for whatever reason when I walk among society I still feel moderately happy with myself. I feel sexy, and pretty, but there’s still the ever prominent fact that I am unhealthy.

Which brings us to current day.

Recently I was diagnosed with a cyst on my left ovary. It’s not cancerous, or even deadly; however, it can leave me in excruciating pain and overall discomfort. I was informed that being highly “obese” and overall unhealthy didn’t attribute to this cyst but that it wasn’t helping me at all with my level of pain. The remedy? Lose weight. Eat healthy. Up my intake of water. These goals have now become a mission to become a healthier, happier me!

My current statistics:

  • Height: 5 foot 3 inches.
  • Weight: 268.8 lbs.
  • BMI: 47.6 my “healthy” BMI shows me to weigh in between 135lbs – 150lbs.

My goals are:

  • To work out four times a week. Two will incorporate cardio and strength training with weights, while the other two I will attend an hour-long Zumba class. 
  • I would like to intake 9 cups of water a day.
  • Cut out fast food as a whole, junk food, and unnecessary grazing.

With good health as my ending victory and dropping nearly 120 lbs I will need to remain focused and I think I’ve finally hit the spot mentally to attain these goals. So, in closing, I’m welcoming you to watch my journey unfold as I will share my work outs, my meals, and anything else I try that keeps me motivated or seems to work for me.

– A.